Larry Edward

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Listen in as Larry travels the world in his VW van, podcasting interviews with the people who cross his path. In each episode of Rolling Stories, he introduces us to individuals who have found creative ways to build their own unique lifestyles and get what they want out of life. He focuses on what motivates and inspires us to jump off the bandwagon and walk a path that is our own.

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Larry Edward singing and playing guitar
Larry Edward in the recording studio

Larry Edward is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, BC. His live, solo shows have captivated audiences in the heart of Vancouver, throughout the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Larry weaves a tapestry of experience; putting words to what we all feel on life’s road with his relaxed vocal tones and dynamic guitar rhythms.

His debut album MAPS (2018) is currently available for purchase at his live shows. Select singles are available for purchase online and to stream on all major digital outlets including Spotify, Itunes and Amazon Play. Stay tuned for Larry’s second studio album to be released in early 2021.